June 4th, 2007


Lucky and Lucy

The siamese fighting fish we got were (are) in pretty bad shape.  First thing we did was get to the pet store to buy them aquarium salt, basically PLAIN NaCl absoletly no additives; some fish remedy, and tubing to change the water, and an EXPENSIVE!!!! bag of food.

Lucky, was the fish I won, Andrew thinks he's a she.  As you can see, I think she's a he.  He has reddish fins and is fairly plain but still fairly decorative.  Lucy is a boy, beautiful, flue and red, and in the worst shape of all, he was all ragged from being in a wine glass all night and surviving his container breaking (hence the wine glass), and has a horrid case of fin rot.

We held off on doing the meds, because that can sometimes  kill them, and salt and lots of water changing is supposed to do the trick.  But today, I think the fins are still rotting, so in the meds go. They are packed in a japenese take out soy sauce container, the little plastic fish with a red nose cap.  On the side is chinese which I hope says "don't eat" or "poison" but may as well just as easily actually be "soy sauce".

The meds contain two dyes that act as anti fungal and protozoan, and a broad spectrum antibiotic.  Just lucy is gettin the meds, as luky seems to be doing ok.

If they survive the week,  we'll get them decent bowls and a live plant each.  I wanted to get them into a proper sized place right away, but it would be a waste if our new sickly roomies bit the dust.  I'm spending time with them, and trying to will them to survive.  I silently tell them to hang on, because if they do well, we'll spoil them.

Weird how a night out can change your life.