December 5th, 2007


Write a letter or baby jesus will cry and santa will give you coal

Do you like Pacific Spirit Park?
Then do a little SOMETHING to save the bits that have been chopped off. This Sunday December 9th there is a rally at noon to protest the development of portions of Pacific Spirit park.
I know, I'm studying and stressed too.  Still, write a letter, an e-mail, fax, anything if you can't show up.
Tell your friends, your neighbours, if you're charasmatic - the people on the bus.  Tell them to write in too.

Seriously, have you seen the Seinfeld where Elaine eats the super expensive piece of cake?  At first it was just a nibble, here and there, and then a bit more, then she went to town... and there was no cake left.  Same thing can happen to a park.  This isn't just any park, it's one of the largest urban greenspaces, it has old growth forest, it has wetlands, and is the treasured by many people: from day camp classes to seniors to mountain bikers.