February 10th, 2008


Treeless homework - Xournal

I'm going through the practice questions for the test tommrow (i'll be at this all evening I'm afriad, lots to go), and i'm not using a single scrap of paper because I have XOURNAL.  It's virtual lined paper for the computer. So now I can scratch my way through the math and be a bit more environmentally friendly too :)  If you have a tablet or touchscreen, XOURNAL (only for linux I think) is a must have.

Where have all the women gone?

Of the people in healthy marriages, I see only the men's side.  I know they have spouses of the opposite gender, b/c that's where the babies came from.  The wives are sort of only an abstract concept since I don't know them.  So the path seems safe if you are a man, but there are no women's voices in my world.   Supposedly, there are feminists that have blazed the path to modern marriage and childraising, escaping the trap of being live in maid, but I don't know what they did, who they are, or even if they aren't just fiction.  Being a girl is easy since they tell you that you can do anything.  Being a woman is downright scary.  We don't really exist. It's all just roles.  Lose weight, go on this diet, have sex appeal, be a good mother, get a good career... a thick coat of fantasy covers and erodes the people underneath.  Every role is a shiny dream that actually is a trap ensnaring one into acting out some media drama.
Womanhood, a number on a scale, a bunch of dishes in the sink.  Womanhood- I reject.

Women don't exist.  It's just the bathroom with the stalls b/c some of us can't use urinals.