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July 11th, 2008




July 11th, 2008


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Ganked with appreciation from kittenpants
Courage transforms fear into determination. It is embracing life fully, without holding back, doing what must be done even when it is difficult or risky. When we are tempted to give up, courage supports us to take the next step. It allows us to face adversity with confidence. Courage opens us to new possibilities, and gives us the strength to sacrifice for what we love. At times we need courage to accept the truth, and to pick ourselves up after a mistake, ready to make amends and try again. Courage gives me the strength to make this journey with all my heart.

"Heart, be brave. If you cannot be brave, just go. Love's glory is not a small thing." -- Jalal-u-din Rumi

The Practice of Courage

I reach beyond my comfort zone.
I welcome new challenges.
I do what I know is right regardless of the costs.
I face the truth with humility and openness.
I don't allow my fears to hold me back.
I fully accept life's invitations.

I am thankful for the gift of courage. It allows me to spread my wings.
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