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Fucken Uterus

Fucken Uterus

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I picked up "The Debt Free student Handbook" from the student loans office on campus.  Second page:  Female University graduates earned on average close to $50 000 a year.... while male graduates earned roughly $72 000.

If I didn't have a soul mate, I'd be tempted to pick up a penis just for the extra cash.  A uterus docks one almost half their potential wage?!?!?! Fucken'eh!!!!!
  • of course. you're supposed to pick up the rest in prostitutiontips.
  • Is this an American handbook? I wish I had made $50,000 a year on graduating! I think I started out more like $29,000.
    • :p I'm Canadian too, I'm in BC. It was just a stats can blurb making degrees look good. It wasn't on graduating, but just graguates, not specifying whether they had bachelors, masters or phds. The rest of the quote constrasted against people with high school graduation only. I was just ranting because I was shocked at the gender discrepancy. I expected something like maybe a grand or two less, not a deca-grand or two.
      • No I know you are Canadian, I just wondered if you were reading American stats.

        Of course its easy to lie with stats. Lump in a few thousand graduates of a ECE (Early Childhood Ed) program who would be 99.9% female and the fact they make $30,000 or less and that would knock your average out of wack right there.

  • Apparently you're many times more likely to be put in jail if you have a penis. You can also expect to die several years earlier. Plus, penises really aren't useful for much besides getting their owners into trouble. I don't think it's a worthwhile trade-off.
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