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Book Review - Laura Resnick

At first I would have raved about Laura Resnick because her characters are definately no mary-sue.  They have difficult choices, difficult feelings, and flaws to boot.  The culture is so immersive and rich that it seems real.  Her created dialect words resound in the mind, almost begging to be used.

The first book was exciting from beggining to end.  The second book was also a feast.  (in Legend Born, followed by The White Dragon)
The third book, Destroyer Goddess leaves something to be desired. Andrew calls it the "bait and switch" technique when authors switch to another set of characters entirely.  This technique is often used in longer, more character driven fantasy novels.  I think Wheel of Time is an example. The "bait and switch" if used right creates an epic feel, as well as deep characterization, but doesn't make the story floppy.

However, in Destroyer Goddess, the author flips around so much that I found myself flipping around in the book, reading ahead, getting frustrated and impatient with the plot, and ultimately pushing the book away.
Also, the author attempts to put in too much in the book.  The White Dragon also lost points for this too.  Within the pages of White Dragon and Destroyer Goddess, Resnick tries to hide a seperate novel disguised as background information.  I respect the story,  and would love to see the story of Arminian and Tansen in a seperate novel, but it just detracted from the current story line, as well caused an almost confusing flashback syndrome in an already spread thin regime of side stories.

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