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September 10th 2006

September 10th 2006

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I AM STILL SICK!!!!!!  Andrew is still snuffly, so he's not to up to take care of me.
The main problem is food.  We have eaten most of the stuff I got on tuesday,  of the easy to make variety, and no one is up to cooking.
I think I need to eat more to get well, I have been eating next to nothing, maybe 2 snacks a day.  My main meal of yesterday was celery with peanut butter.

But I feel so crappy.... wah!!!!!! I don't want to do dishes to get tot he level of the kitchen, and THEN make soup.  But I'm going to have to, if I want to eat anything today.

I feel very cranky.  Oh and everything I eat makes me almost throw up.  What is with this freaking cold.  It's been like a farking expletive bloody unholy week!

Drink Liquids
*Stay Calm*
Try steaming my sinuses.

Word of the day:
  • Staying Hydrated helps! Drink lots of fluids!
  • sick sucks :(I kn

    ow how hard it can be to cook when you are so sick. Is there any way you can get someone to bring you some fruit? It helps keep you hydrated and fills up some hungry spaces.

    As far as being calm goes, just remember, panic requires energy.

    ((((((hugs))))) Feel better soon.

    I named mine, now it is your turn to name yours :)

    I sure hope you feel beter soon!
  • I just caught a cold myself, hopefully not the same cold because the symptoms sound nasty. If you're trying to clear your sinuses, nothing works faster than spicy thai food. There's this spicy broth(Tom Yum) that you can buy in a can, I think the only solid thing in there is some straw mushrooms, and it's very soothing once you get past the heat. I'm heating some up for myself right now.
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