geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Women and the Occult

Women and occult.

Woman vs man.  Intuitive freeform vs repecting the system.


What do I want from my practices with the occult.

I want to cultivate my inner peace.

I want to express my creativity.

I want to facilitate that sense of interconnectedness to the world.


Set Ritual

Respect for Culture

A form of appreciation of history

It works like a machine

Strengthen “muscles” of a sort- like going to the gym

A feeling of belonging




Self gnosis

more relevant to self


Need to have sense of self mythology

Methaphor/archetype of the weaver- is traditional

More to the point.

I am a scientist, yet I treat my occult workings more like a religion.  I can’t prove what I feel.  I can’t prove that I manifest anything.  I only have my happy coincidences.  Also, I treat the scientific method in conjunction with magic as a hobby.  Probably because I only care for what works, not proving that it works to others.

I used to see strength in ignoring the “rythyms of nature”  only when I felt weak, did I wish to use astrological correspondences, as if the planets could push my will.

Ceremonial magic on surface looks like one of those trendy cookbook spells, also as a pagan with a Christian chip, didn’t like any refrerernce to god.

So yeah, this is what I have from an initial brainstorm.  I'm hoping that someone will comment, and maybe I'll inspired with something concrete.  Maybe there is a submission in there?


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