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Miniature Earth

Miniature Earth

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This movie blurb made me think, "why don't we share more" and that everything scales.
Basically, they stated statistics as if they had scaled the earth's population to just 100 people.
On this scale 53 people live on less than $2 US a day...

If the community really was this small, people would band together and share their resources. In your town, it is doubtful that they would let half the population go without sanitation, food and water, when the town was capable of sustaining internet and starbucks.

If only our little minds could scale up to the true size of reality. It's not overwhelming, it just takes the mindset to expand our definition of community and kinship.

When i graduate, I want to do something like engineers without borders.
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  • I read the report that the movie is based on years ago, and it seemed to do a much better job of guilt-tripping me then than it does now. I guess that just shows how cynical I've become in recent years. Also, most major cities in third-world countries have internet and coffee shops (not necessarily Starbucks), so you shouldn't be so doubtful.

    One of my uncles worked with a group similar to Engineers Without Borders and spent several years in Africa. He experienced a certain amount of culture shock when he arrived there, but it paled in comparison to the culture shock he got when he returned to Canada. Apparently he was never able to re-adjust to living in a society where people worried more about having the latest fashions than having the basic necessities for living, and he eventually poisoned himself somewhere on Vancouver Island. He had been prone to depression his entire life, so I'm not suggesting that his work in Africa directly caused him to kill himself, but it certainly illustrates how shockingly different our society is from theirs.

    That said, Engineers Without Borders is probably something that you would really enjoy doing, and I don't mean to use the story of my uncle to discourage you. I know you are mentally prepared for the culture shock and would find more constructive ways to deal with it.
    • Oh dear. I am rather prone to depression, and already hate how people worry about latest fashion here, and how shallow and spoilt our cultureis. That said, I'm glad to be here rather than there.
      The only thing though is I'm not going to get one of those shiny steel rings, I'm not on the engineer track, but who knows, I'll prob go back to school after I grad.
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