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Emotion Porn

Emotion Porn

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I have been reading girly girl romance novels.  Seriously, with chocolate, they are great.  Chocolate has chemicals that make an endorphin high last longer.  The stories are gushing with happy, hopeful, lusty, angsty emotions.  The endings are happy.
It's like having one's psyche massaged and buffed with a polish.  I get impressions of overwhelming pink when reading these stories, I wonder if the authors love that pink.

Curses, castles, magic, fate, normally I'm not into that kind of stuff, and I never go for the guys that have coiling muscles.  In fact sometimes I end up picturing coils of rope or a reptile instead of a hunk.

It's still fun.
  • "It's like having one's psyche massaged and buffed with a polish"

    I think I love you.
  • So girly girl romance novels are like the female equivalent of porno mags? That explains so much to me...
  • hahaha I love that, blocking out the mooosle parts....I'd have to do that, I'm like so yuck on that fabio look myself ;)
  • I find them amusing... ;)

    coiling muscles... I think I'm going to picture this every time I imagine I want to be one of those muskle-dudes. *grin*
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