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Political Spectrums: Middle Hybrids and Brains are Best.

I was thinking about one of my friends posts, how that conservatives were the mocked minority at her school. Here, it's the other way around. It's too easy to see the damage conservatives have done. Stephen Harper and his radical campaign against a basic human right (get out of people's bedrooms and focus on some REAL issues for once ,geez)
Then there is the "trickle down effect", where policy tries to stimulate the economy by giving money to rich people... where basic economics can show how useless and impotent THAT strategy is. Also, going far conservative, one gets "contraceptives are evil" and "embrace the pain, for Christ is your lover".
Because of our conservatives we have: no sky train to UBC, our campus parking lot is so far way from campus that there is a 15 minute shuttle to and from, family housing, farm, forest, collages, and parking lots are now multimillion dollar residences for non university people, our bus loop is being turned into a shopping mall and put underground.

I wonder what kind of stupid people at her school are running around giving liberals a bad name. For the most part our liberal party IS actually conservative, at least around here. I wonder if it's the sparticus youth kids, running around yelling for the liberation of quebec from anglochauvanism, as well as the crushing of the evil tibetan and taiwainese rebellion.

Could also be the binge culture of collage/uni. One can see a sea of punked up skanked out peeps riding a wave of drug, orgy and alcoholic exploration of the first taste of freedom. If the whole of the place is like that, even I perhaps would feel uncomfortable, if not at least a little alone. The sad thing is that though you can't see it now... many of theses radical bingers become extra conservative in their maturity, vowing never to let those mistakes happen again, come down hard ontheir children, driving the whole rebellion repression cycle forwards...

What is liberal anyways? Would it be planned parenting, condoms and sustainable living? I hope so, but I'll have to admit I'm ignorant in this one... the issues are being swept under the rug by the sex debate.

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