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Chode and Six

Chode and Six

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  • .....why is his hand up her bum?!
    • i never noticed that. i think it's just on her leg on on her butt, not UP her butt.

      i think it would be fun to be six for halloween
  • Is this show supposed to be like a cartoon version of LEXX? All it's missing is the severed head of a homosexual, necrophiliac robot.
    • what's LEXX?

      they have a gay robot: gus.
      • LEXX is a Canada-Germany co-production that ran from 1997 - 2002; one of the wierdest sci-fi shows ever made. I see a lot of parallels between the main characters of these two shows.
  • ooooo he's so cuuuuuttteeee!!!
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