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My data for the liquid-vapor phase diagram is shitty.  It's supposed to look like a trifoil.  Instead it looks like a converging squiggle.  And why am I up this early?  Wah, wah, fucken wah.  Back to work, the pity party is over.
  • Back to work, the pity party is over.

    *Comes in late with party hat, balloons, a clown, a donkey, and a keg.* Awww.... I always miss the best parties.
    • Thank you darling :) I love balloons.
      • Let's play "float the balloon" with one of the air-filled balloons! It's simple, a 2 player game where you just have to keep the balloon in the air and try to make your opponent let it touch the floor. If it touches the floor, then whoever let it touch the floor loses.

        *Tosses a balloon in the air towards you*
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