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Life, as usual ;)

Well, I woke up… and the scene was akin to the only one I remember from To Kill a Mockingbird< .  I thought I had died… or the world was ending, for all was covered in black.  Black lining the frost shimmered trees, my car under a carpet of black, rooftops- black.   Stagger back to check the time… it SHOULD be getting light out… and passed the mirror… look… and SCREAM.  My hair is WHITE!! Turn on the light, and confirm, not just white, but slightly blue with MAROON freaking tips!!!  I look like a glacier valentine special!  On closer inspection, my irises are PINK with white pupils.  I REALLY am a glacial valentine special!  What is this anime nightmare!


School still beckons, so I rush out into the bleak post apocalypse world… and get hit by a blast of cold air as I open the door… ok so t-shirt doesn’t cut it.  After donning a jacket,  my first step crunches down… I feel the lava-rock that appears to covered everything as far as the eye can see.  It’s snow!!!!!  Yes!  I had sorely missed the snow.


In class, I give chem. boy the joke I picked up for him. You guys know… the incense.  I also got a friend to help me with the german from an Eliot poem he wanted. (The wind blows towards home, my Irish child, where art thou?)


Oh and at least everyone had the same anime problem I had.  Either I was hallucinating, or I fit in.  I didn’t comment, but man is it ever hard to recognize your friends when their colours are inverted. Except one girl… she looked perfectly normal… must be because she ALWAYS wears purple and yellow.


After Quantum, was the science week quiz bowl.  Mike scrounged up a real team from the AMS quiz bowlers (this is just science wanna be quizzing here).  We kicked ass, but only because the lightning round determinedwho won, as the sci-oners had 1800 points to our 900.  So we won… each getting a <I>162 Top Medical Schools </I> with a cold fusion ticket tucked inside.  Just what I always wanted, a computer code manual like book, a hefty paper back text on: Medical schools! Whee.


It was just late afternoon, so Andrew and I decided to run out to Pacific Spirit Park to enjoy the treat of crunching through a winter stilled snow covered rain forest.  The space time anomaly had warped things here.  The sense of the place was the same, so at first I didn’t notice that anything was amiss, I was even getting used to the inverted colours.  The trees were spires of spiked up phosphorescing teal, in among the heights were woven catwalks, and flowing most naturally into the trees were habitations of both wood, and what I first thought was smoky quartz.  A crunch underfoot, and a chilled puff of air made me realize that these glistening transparent black towers were made of ice.


A movement caught our eye, we turned and saw… the whole forest was alive with kami.  Floating masks, large radishes, little tottoro things with Cheshire grins and blue fuzz, glowing balls of every colour.  A wiff of incense and the strains of festival music drifted towards us, and I swear I heard firecrackers.

I guess the kami of Nitobe gardens were pourng out into the park for a festival with their forest cousins.  I might have seen an ent of of the corner of my eye,  but it was time to head out to our campaign.


So, it was time to drive to DnD… that was THEE hardest stretch of my life.

On the very first light, I almost got into an accident!  It WAS a green light, but I got beeped at.  Andrew asked me why I was running the light, and if I was awake enough.

I shrugged, and tried to keep the swapped colours straight, but let me tell you, it’s hard because it’s so INGRAINED into one’s subconscious when to stop and when to go.  I caught myself about to hit the brake at every red….  On top of everything, the roads were slushy… and I only have all season tires… :O 


Well, that’s all, I need to hit the hay.  Night and hugs all ^_^

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