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Can you travel the world with a dog? I see myself as a single girl,…

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Can you travel the world with a dog?
I see myself as a single girl, with a dog to keep me company, backpacking across Canada, through the states, and around the globe.  I'm too chicken and not stupid enough to go complely alone.  I at least want a  dog.
  • I'm pretty sure you can take a dog on a plane as long as you make prior arrangements and the dog doesn't mind being in a cage for hours on end. The harder part is probably finding affordable accommodations that allow dogs.

    It would really be easier if you went with a human instead, it can't be that hard to find someone else who wants to go backpacking.
    • to dog or not to dog that is the question

      Unfortunately that's not the case. The states and Canada sure just look for pet friendly hotels in advance. If you travel by plane you'll need special vet papers within ten days of the flight so you can see how this would be a pain if you had multiple flights...but you are backpacking it so it's easier, I'm not sure what regulations may be in place for other forms of transit. (the flying thing is for not transporting disease from one area of the co. to another so I don't know if other transit applies) I know public busses take pets, I don't know about trains and greyhound...

      Over sea travel requires shots, jumping through hoops for vet records and visits, AND quarantine periods. Since I'm not an international traveler (that's one of the reasons!) I don't know the laws but some are a few days, others require 90+ days of the dog in quarentine. Hawaii, pshaw, prob. easier to get into the UK! But you can def. travel around the states and Canada :D
  • Your dog can travel in cargo, or depending on the size of the dog you can actually buy them a seat. You have to check with the specific airline. There are also lots of hotels that are pet friendly (not that I have ever stayed in one, but I hear about them all the time).

    Sounds like an idyllic lifestyle.
  • In pure silliness, I like this idea so much I would probably have to make something like a dog-eared cap ;)

    (but first: to make this a realistic possibility! *w00t*)
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