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Poorly Prepared For Nature

Poorly Prepared For Nature

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It rains. We have to boil our water for a week.
It snows.  The power goes out.
No heat.
Fuck it was cold today.  And I couldn't cook or do homework.
We had to snuggle hammy to keep him warm. He almost died.  Ok he was agitated and it was scary.
I couldn't concentrate to study because I had to keep moving. I was wearing a touque, a scarf, fleece pants, a velvety heavy long skirt, socks, fuzzy slippers, and TWO big sweaters... and still it was chilly.
Good god. What if it dropped below fridge temp???
Luckily the power is on again.  But still :(
I didn't want to go outside knowing that if I got cold there would be no warming up.
  • So retarded. We had power all day. This city needs to smarten up.
  • The power distribution grid in this area is so weird. My block never lost power, but two of the blocks next to it had no power from about 4:00pm on Sunday until sometime after midnight. Then at 7:30 this morning the power went out in the Dunbar area, and my grandfather's building has el-cheapo emergency lights in the hallways which went out after 30 minutes. I had to go over there and help him get out, but he couldn't buzz me in because the intercom had no battery backup; talk about being poorly prepared. As of two hours ago the power was still out there, so he's staying at my father's place tonight.

    This whole thing is ridiculous. There were no high winds or anything that would qualify as severe weather, just the same kind of snow that most other Canadian cities get every week in winter. Vancouver may get significantly less of it, but we know that it always snows like this at least once a year here. There is simply no excuse for the city to be unprepared.
  • Try an ice storm, no power and a newborn.

    Thankfully the power was only out for about 4 hours and we could get out of the house and go to another part of the city where the power was working.

    Stay safe.
    • I didn't want to risk going out because I don't have snow tires on, and the city isn't equipped for snow. We have maybe a plow and a sand truck.
      When it snows traffic cuts to a crawl and there are many accidents.

      Gah on the ice storm :(

      Our power was out for 12hours :(
  • Next time, put a hot water bottle under hammie's cage. So long as he stays on the lower level, insulated by his bedding, he'll be fine.

    Acadia has gas-powered hot water, right?
  • agreed! this weather is BULLSHIT!!!!!! thankfully our power didn't go out, so our teddy hammy was ok, but still, i worry all the time. this is suck! hope you're doing well sweetie!
    • unfortunately, not so much.

      It's weird... I'm depressed, but I still find myself smiling.

      Hugs to you and your hammy!
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