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Science, Magic, Writing, a pet peeve.

Below I write up my honest harsh bitchy opinions in sort of a spontaneous rant.  So take it with a shake of sugar.  My actual opinion isn't this sour. I just don't have time to articulate it better. 

I love Magic.  I also love science.  So please tell me why the marriage of science and magic make me want to scream.
It's because people who are using science in their magic, are writing for people on the bandwagon.  Throw out the words quantum, throw out some fancy numbers, and people will gobble it up because they want to be sophisticated and modern.  So, if you MUST pander to the psuedo science crowd, TRY to convert me.  Don't just rip out a definition from somewhere, and expect me to do the legwork to try and understand your point of view, provide me with an explaination of how you got the fancy science to link up with the magic in a way that you view as legitimate.
My mind doesn't feel liberated when it just seems like a trendy word was kidnapped and dressed up with some razzle dazzle to make people think more open mindedly.  You can say that the grass is really red, and some will believe you, but I want PROOF, or at least the reason WHY you think so.

Magic doesn't need the latest modern physics.  Magic doesn't need trendy jargon.  It's a beautiful thing of it's own merit.  I'm NOT saying to throw away the scientific method, but crying for people not to just commandeer words because they seem pretty.

Using a model of something isn't the same thing as using the thing itself.  Wonderful things are born of the perceptions of science wielded towards magic.  But it's not really the scientific model doing the work.  It's no longer science, but magic when you cross that line.
For instance, I have a primitive idea of how a robot works.  I could use this science enhanced understanding to build a better entity, but I can't say it's the same thing as building a robot, because I'm using magic, not metal, and though there is inspiration from the actual proccess, it is not the process itself in it's true form.

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