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New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution

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I will chew my food more.
Let's see how it goes.  I think it's simple enough.
  • chewing

    omg I love your background :)

    so how's the chewing going? :)
    • Re: chewing

      Well, I forget, then I remember. I think I'm chewing more.

      How have you been?
      • Re: chewing

        up and down, sorta like a kite...flying with it but def. up and out there. :) I'm still coming down from my trip back east...it's been a couple weeks but, sick, red tape, holidays and holiday tape haha...so busy...and family..seems to be crawling around...need to meditate more..working on some energy blockages I don't wanna :P that's about it (isn't that enough?) basically I was trying to hide from the world a bit while I decompressed.

        What about you other than what's in the blog...I heard see you lived through finals HUGS howd you do or do you not know yet?? Well, you must have an idea in your mind :)
        • Re: chewing

          well, i did ok on my finals. i passed everything. I got an extension for homework over the holidays, but haven't got it done due to drama. in calgary the program wouldn't run, then when i got back, my computer crashed. so i'm using andrew's old computer, and learning how to use open office. there is more drama about the computer, couldn't get things to install, took a couple days. lots of little hassles. mostly i just have to sacrifice all my social stuff for it. my dad offered to get me a new comp because my old one is flaky, so my brother hates me now. he's very icky about it. i'm going to join a sunday ultimate league (frisbee football) and study lots.
          lots of hope. and working on my anxiety. trying to use the latest flurry of setbacks as a way to let go of anxiety, and teach my body not to freak out so much,

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