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[Book Review] Goblin Quest

[Book Review] Goblin Quest

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Jim C. Hines. Goblin Quest. 346 pages.

Seriously, READ IT!!!! I *ahem* stayed up ALL night reading it. It was hilarious, fast paced, had a great plot, and had me a emotionally involved with the protagonist. A great read. I can't wait to read more stuff by this authour.

It's a fantasy adventure story, only the main character is Jig, the goblin, who has been swept up into a quest for treasure by pure mischance. It pokes fun at RPG stereotypes, fans of D&D or GURPS will get a double chuckle.
  • it sounds wicked! def gonna check it out! hope all is well with you sweetie... would love to grab miya and you and go for coffee soon...when we can get all our crazy schedules to match up! lol
    • maybe a sunday

      my first ultimate game is across the street from miyas so when i have another game out there (i'm busy after ultimate this weekend)
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