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Happy Imbolc??

Happy Imbolc??

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I feel kinda sad because someone I kinda knew died after a long battle with cancer.
Life is too precious sometimes that I panic. Every moment is so important that I can't even afford to live. I don't want to hold it so close that I crush it, every moment booked up, no time to just be.

I'm a little overwhelmed. Andrew seems to be committed to hanging with friends twice a week. I have the ROAD canvassing to do, and midterms to study for. This week, I've felt rather fatigued and weepy to boot. Oh and that finding a job....yeah.

Yet happy. Imbolc is still my favourite sabbat. And I'm even going to a ritual tommrow.

I need a hug.
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  • *hugs*
  • now I feel like a tard


    ya know what...life is short...sometimes I wake up and think about how short it could be and fret about it..but I TRY my best to wake up and not mis use it and use my worry about life being short to motivate me and the excess extra that doesn't motivate gets thrown away bc I KNOW beating myself up about it isn't helping me ENJOY MY LIFE AND I AM GOING TO ENJOY MY LLLIIIFFEEE!! Join me?? :)
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