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Ghost Rider .... Doesn't Suck

Ghost Rider .... Doesn't Suck

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The trailers looked awful.  The web hype was negative.  The people who saw it could point out a myraid of flaws.
With trepidation, I went out to see it, since I was feeling blah anyways.
It was worth my money.  And I wouldn't mind seeing it again.

Yes, there were a few stupid moments.  Yes, it focused on special effects.  But it did one thing many movies, especially mainstream movies have been drifting away from:  it cut to the chase.  It told a story.  Granted, it was the time honoured predictable one, but it did it well.  I forgot that Nicolas Cage is too old to be Johnny Blaze.  I was swept up in the story, as it unfolded, rapidly getting the point across, and only showcasing the novel special effects.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

Go see it.  Then come back and discuss one main point:  I think the jjjjelly beans added some much needed colour element to the scenes in which they were in.  Agree, disagree.
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