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My bf gave my desktop sparkles and other cool features like whirling face panels.

  • Isn't Linux great?
  • wow, that's looks really cool! I gotta get me some computer skillz!! :)
    • yeah, i'm lucky, i don't have the skillz, but I have the goodz.

      and it is cool, dangerously so, i was opening and closing windows just to watch the pretty sparkles.
    • Oh, I should also mention that this whole linux thing isn't too bad.
      My program mounts automatically. The only codeythings were implementing open office, and the sparkles, and getting my mobipocket e-books to my palm.
  • You mean your desktop actually MOVES? WOW!

    Oh cool, a fellow user of Open Office! :-) I absolutely LOVE Open Office!
    • I use open office and abiword.
      I used to use MS office, but I've switched to linux. :)

      Spread the free code!
      • Never heard of abiword. What's that?

        I still use Windows XP, but I use OpenOffice. The only OpenOffice program I don't like their version of is the drawing program. It sux. I prefer MS Paint and JASC Paint Shop Pro.
  • pretty

    sparkles.... open office freezes my computer. :( But it's what i use
    • Re: pretty

      Abiword? I've been using abiword more just because it's first in the menu (alphabetical order)
      I don't know if there is a windows version.

      There is also star office, which was very windows stable. I never actually used it much, it was back in the day that my bro was trying to ween me off ms office but i refused.
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