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A random thought of appreciation.

A random thought of appreciation.

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Many people are down on role-players, saying that we are unproductive wasters of time, anti-social loner/losers etc. But role playing games take at least 4 people to be good, and the people involved need to be able to meet up on a regular basis. This means that one has to have a few good friends to game with. It's hard to find those few good friends that aren't too busy to actually show up more than sporadically. So this random thought, is just one of appreciation for all those precious gamer grups out there.

Also, andrew pointed out that these games are what make life worth living. What is the point of working hard, if you never get to stop and enjoy the things you like?
  • For the most part, I agree. The problem with a lot of gamers, though (at least in my experience), is that they don't seem to have a lot going for them outside the game. This can make the game experience quickly sour for people like me and you who actually have lives - especially if the people in question hold positions of power.
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