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SAmm's Journal

SAmm's Journal

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He has been posting a few things about gender issues. Go check out [info]sammaelhain , and be reminded that women are still beaten, and both genders are still pressured to be a certain way.  Maybe one day, we won't talk about how a guy who cries "isn't a man" or "has no balls"  Maybe one day, we'll have forgotten what wife-beating means. 
  • history

    but if we forget what wife beating is, aren't we doomed to repeat it? O.^
    • Re: history

      Uh well I was trying to say something poetic. o_0;
      • Re: history

        haha I know, I'm pickin on ya....I too would love a world where such a term was never needed, that no words existed to describe such....someday :) ...but I'll really miss the shirts! ;)
  • Yeah, well at least we aren't buring people at the stake so I guess that's a start. Human's are a funny breed.

    I am all for gender equality, but I somehow doubt we will see it for many many generations. Sigh.
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