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Rockin' Out

Rockin' Out

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Friday nights tend to be good cleaning days for me.  I tend to be too tired to go out, and wanting to scrub.  I feel slightly "bad" about it.  Friday nights are supposed to be for partying right?  But really, I clean, I get my groceries, I can get to bed early and go hiking on saturday.  I'm thinking I really like this friday night cleaning thing.  Saturday night can be my party night.
  • If YOU Must party on Friday...

    Then you are just following the crowd. I have always liked to watch movies & collapse Friday nights. I cleaned ALL day today. To "party" I went for a night walk. I haven't been out on a night walk in ages.
    • Re: If YOU Must party on Friday...

      I just read about your walk, sounds nice.
      So many people treat friday as "sacred". I just like to putter at home most fridays unless I only have early classes. Though since I get fridays off, I could stay out late after resting all day.
  • You like biking, ne? I was thinking of maybe getting a team together to do this http://www.bc.lung.ca/campaigns_and_events/bicycle_trek.html
    • YES! I need to replace my bike brakes, then we shall PRACTICE.

      And hey, want to see something ugly?


      And when is the sushi party? Tuesdays are good for me. Andrews parents are in town next weekend. So I'm busy again. (sweatdrop)
      • Well, i need to buy a bike first, then we shall practice. and we need to raise the money for it too, and see if anyone else wants to do it... if we get four or more, we get team t-shirts for free!

        Why is she wearing an old fish net? that's hideous.

        Tuesdays can work for me, though not the next tuesday (22nd)
        • You didn't read the under print? It's a hand knit cashmere wedding dress going for $6000!
          YUCK! How about tuesday the 29th???
          • you will never be able to convince me that it is more than an old fish net. It would shatter my views on clothing and fashion completely. :P

            The 29th could work, at least as a get together and plan everything out day. I don't get paid until the 31st, and therefore will not have a bicycle until then.
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