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I'm in love with the perfect comic
  • why didn't you come for sushi?
    • Well, truthfully, I forgot, and I didn't actually know you guys were meeting at starbucks at all because I didn't know when it was happening. I had my cell turned off because I had been at the passport office, and after a day of running around, I forgot to turn it back on. Sorry.
      I feel pretty bad. I hope you guys had fun.
      On the bright side, in about a month, I'll be able to go to the states with legal confidence.

      • in a month my bum, unless you got express delivery. They are suck times right now.
        But when you can, we should totally go on a road trip!!
  • Who's Your Savior?

    That is awesome!!! The church of Doctor Who...with hours and hours of 'video evidence' :)
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