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Root Wheel

Root Wheel

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  • Oh, wow. That's just beautiful. Do you mind if I snag some of it? Not to use it for any other images online or anything, but just to have the image for my desktop or what have you.

    I started playing with the idea of using my desktop "background" as a sort of altar space while at work the last several months. I utilize the Desktop Objects function of the Active desktop in windows and "stick" different images that have meaning for me to it like a collage of a sort. I wish I could share it here, but I can't blog from work or send attachments to email myself a pic of a screencap to post from home.

    But again, that's absolutely lovely imagery. Thank you for sharing it!
    • Go for it!
      Cool idea with desktop images. I don't have that, so I'd just whip together a jpg collage and set it to back ground. There might besomething like that for linux, but I'm not really up on computers.

    • That sounds like the ideal way to get around my parents' negativity to anything non-Catholic! How do you do that? I've never heard of that function but it'd be very handy :) Is it on Vista or XP, or something else?
      • I'm not sure if it's on XP - my work computer is running 2000 - I think it's on XP but I never played with it. I can't find it on Vista yet, so I'm not sure it's actually there anymore.

        In anycase, you go to your desktop and right click like you would to change the desktop image and select "Properties". Then you should be able to select "Active Desktop" or something like that in the tabs, and it should have "add new desktop item" or something similar. Once you have things added, you can resize them and move them around, and then you can select "Lock the desktop" by right-clicking on the desktop again. That way you wont' accidentally move or resize things if you're working on something else.

        Alternately, you could just make a jpg photo collage in a paint program as geek_dragon mentions above.
        • That is beautiful!

          I have XP but can't find any of this as you describe...Anybody with XP know how i can find this 'Active Desktop' tab so i can try this? I tried it and only get tabs that alter the color and style of windows....
    • Frak, that's a nice picture too!
      • Thank you. I made it for a BSG icon challenge community (you'll have to forgive me, but I'm replying from my email and not my LJ and I don't have the exact name right in front of me, but I can totally get it for you if you want.)

        Kara is one of my... archetypes? in a way. Sort of. Ish. And one thing I truly love about her is her quiet religion, which I think this moment just portrays perfectly. (It doesn't hurt that i'm primarily Hellenic, either. ;) )
        • She is quite divided, isn't she? Her quiet side, her emotional side, the part of her that loves and belives is burried quite far down. Probably a result of her ealier relationship with her mother. I'm still bitter I missed the Leoben-Starbuck episode towards the end of season 3... Come on DVDs.
  • That's amazing. And gorgeous.
  • Looks really good!
  • Beautiful! I especially like the first two images; quite powerful.
  • Nicely Done!
    How did you do that?
    • GIMP, the linux free graphics tool, my tablet and drawing skills, and a little photo-editing. :) And an honest wish. Glad you like!
      • The hands holding the soil graphic: it looks very familiar Where is it from? Or is it your photo and just reminiscent of something I've seen.
        • google. I should have made my own stock, but my own hands don't look too different, and my own dirt could be that dirt's twin.
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