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Vanity Skillz Newb

Vanity Skillz Newb

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I painted my nails today, for the first time in years.  I really screwed it up.   I put too many coats on so it didn't dry properly.  I'll leave it anyways.  I feel self indulged, and I like the colours, even if they aren't perfectly manicured.  The colours are a bit girly, but I was drawn to them, and wanted some heart chakra symbolism going.  Pastel metallic green and pink.  Alrernating nails, solid colour.
  • Ooooh, pretty. Want to invade Miya's house sometime for a girlie skillz night?
  • I've always been really bad at painting my nails...mostly because I could never just sit still and wait for each coat to dry. But recently my Mom bought me a bottle of O.P.I. polish in a nice colour so I had to do it properly because that stuff is expensive!! :)
    • ooh what colour? and how do you do it properly?
      i'm thinking of looking for sally hansen "kwik dry", hopefully it's cheap. It's supposed to make the coats dry and set faster.

      i found some tips online. next time i'm going to blow dry between coats, and set with cold water.
    • Here's the one I've got...it's at the bottom of the page, called 'Didgeridoo Your Nails?'

      The thing about this stuff is that it's really good quality (and they have some awesome colours), so it goes on very well, in a pinch you'd only need one coat, and it doesn't take long to dry. I'd never heard about the cold water tip though...sounds useful :)
    • P.S. - Also, I am moving into Thunderbird at the end of the month! I have to find a job, but I'll be around for fun summer stuff...!! :)
      • YAYY!!!! I'll be working like mad on a paper and studying for my final at the end of the month, but ther is still time for hanging out. We have video games at my place :)
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