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Eat this America!

Eat this America!

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Our government wants us to masturbate! http://www.sexualityandu.ca/adults/sex-5.aspx
Yes, Canada has a very kickass sex ed site.  So, green with envy yet people in the states? 
Maybe I should do it more, Canadian pride and all that ^_-
  • *giggles*

    That article is so funny. They do a little dance of giving a little detailed information and then retreating into safe generalities.

    They forgot to mention you cannot give yourself STDs or get yourself pregnant... definite pluses.
    • How can people not know that they can't get pregnant from masturbating?
      • Well, since they're saying other obvious stuff like guys "speed up as they near climax" I figure they should also point out other important obvious stuff.
  • This is what happened to the last person in the US government who endorsed masturbation: http://www.jackinworld.com/library/articles/elders.html
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