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teriel! lupa!

teriel! lupa!

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Why did they go back to only having a space between sentences.  I prefer two between sentences.  Why isformatting such a big deal!
  • I think it's because it looks better in print. The two spaces thing is a leftover from typewriters.
    • Thanks, :) I'm writing a paper, and I naturally 2 space, so I have to go back and delete all theextra spaces. Formatting is big in scientific reports.
      • If you're using Word, easy fix--

        Go to search and replace.

        Make sure both fields are entirely empty.

        Type two spaces in the first one, and one space in the second. Hit "Replace all".

        If you're already doing this, disregard this reply. It took me a couple of years to figure out that I could do S&R with spaces.
  • *nods*

    I'm a two space girl myself. Who's not?
    • Re: *nods*

      The world >< the scientific community. The formatting is the biggest time killer on my paper. Bold, italics, justified, a space here, comma there, proper caps, etc, etc. They make a big deal about where spaces go. Not to mention all the sub and super scripts I have to pay attention to!
  • Well, two spaces is the correct way.

    One space is the online way because it looks better on a computer screen to not have large gaps of white littering paragraphs.

    Um... I guess it is a big deal if teachers are control freaks?
  • I'm an old fuddy duddy; I like to leave two spaces after a period, and one space after a comma.
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