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This is why I like open ended magic.

This is why I like open ended magic.

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I can't dream of everything, so why be specific when the world can provide better solutions?
I like open ended magic (non-specified route to goals). 


Oregon State University researchers have designed a new air cathode microbial fuel cell that produces 10 times more energy than previously possible from the same size fuel cell. Biological or microbial fuel cells consist of bacteria that consume pollutants, and in the process shed electrons which flow through a circuit to generate electricity.

The team, led by Hong Liu, an assistant professor in the OSU Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering, was recently able to produce 1,500 watts per cubic meter of reactor volume. Because the reactor cleans water, as well as produces electricity it has the potential to function not only in permanent treatment facilities, smart homes, and bioremediation sites, but also as a portable center for energy generation and water treatment.
  • I'm confused; what does this have to do with magic? Are you making a subtle reference to Arthur C. Clarke's famous quotation, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?"
    • Short answer since I got to scram: many magicians say that one should be as specific as possible when trying to ask for sonething.
    • Ah, making time to reply. Basically, I believe in open ended magic. I like the idea of keeping my options open because there is probably something better than I can imagine out there. That and keeping the end goal semi-specific but simple.

      The basic fable that teaches why it's better to be specific with magic is the classic money spell. Person casts spell for money, then they either get it by someone dying, or some other horrible thing because they didn't SPECIFY what form the money should come in. I, point out that money is a means to an end, and that instead of casting all these caveats when asking for money "I want money, working for the highest good of others without changing X,Y,Z.; the person could just cast for what they REALLY want, be it a new car, or debt reduction, or to pay rent.

      So open ended magic: I want cleaner air. I don't care if we convert to only light rail, or get rapid personal transit, or build communities where everything is walking distance, or close the loop on manufacturing proccesses, or have tighter pollution laws, or invent giant air scrubbers, or all of the above. I want the air.
      Does this answer suffice?
      • Well, I understand what you mean now by 'magic,' but clearly the kind of magic you believe in is very different from the kind I used to believe in.
  • THAT IS SO COOL! :-)
    Thanks, great news.
  • That is ... whoah....
    ... I can see dreams with this.

    This truely is marvelous!

    (all of a sudden I want to power my robots with something like that *wide grin*)
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