geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Musical Hamster...

Stunning revealation: kinky is a GIRL! But her owner calls her a he, andwe havebeen too, so kinky is still a "he", just a femminine "he".

Kinky is a little maestro. In his bubble, he will zoom and knock up against things repeatedly. If you listen carefully, it is actually rhythmic and of different sounds, the little dude is making music. It's comforting, rather than annoying too. I was sick last night, near passed out with a fever, and kinky kept ramming the door, but it didnt keep me up, it helped me fall asleep. I just felt *safe*. Not that I don't feel safe here or anything... It was funny, I was sort of awake, but I couldn't actually move. I guess that's why I didn't feel like doing anything these last three days...

If I go to richmond i want to dig out my baby toy that I'm saving... it's a happy apple. I think kinky (we actually call him hammy LOL) would love it. It's a plastic apple about the size of a 2 cup measuring cup, with chimes and a ball. When you shake it, the ball hits different tones....

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