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Screen Shots

Screen Shots

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Just showing off the spinny cube

This is my current desktop

  • ahahahaha tool. :D
  • Cool! They've added more eye candy :)

    *heh* good taste in music!
  • You never get tired of playing with Beryl, do you? I still need to figure out how to properly compile Gentoo.
    • It was for a "show off your desktop" thread at ipagan.org. Normally I friends lock everything.
      And yes I love beryl. :)
  • Hey I just noticed you have Age of Wonders there. Is that a Linux version or is it just running under WINE?
    • I think it's running under wine. Or maybe it just runs under linux, it isn't an official linux version though. I wish I had more time for it, I haven't played in maybe a year.
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