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why are not subscribed to the APOD feed?

why are not subscribed to the APOD feed?

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  • pretty!

    hehehe reminds me of daios dragon.
  • Oh what a good idea!
    These are wonderful :)
  • hey hon,

    if you want a card, you need to either email or comment with your last name, kk? Thanx. *Zooooooms off*
    • Re: hey hon,

      Done! Ironically, KK is a nickname of mine.
      I was just expecting to be called geek_dragon b/c I'm weird like that.
  • Just curious...

    Did you delete a post from today? I swear I just read and responded to something you wrote, but another person on my FL got the comment that was intended for your post. Weird. Maybe you deleted it while I was writing my post and it got added to the previous person's journal. No idea.
    • Re: Just curious...

      Nope. I don't delete posts.

      Now I'm curious and want my comment :)
      • Re: Just curious...

        Okay I must have dreampt the whole thing.

        I thought it was you wrote a post about journals and stuff. I must have imagined it. I just wrote reply and hit send and then I got a reply from another friends journal, who said - huh?

        The post she had made didn't really relate to what I had written. Weird. Maybe I was typing in my sleep.
        • Re: Just curious...

          Now I'm trying to remember a post I was composing in my head but forgot. You might have picked up on it.
          It was about handling online stuff. And I have been talking about my journal and facebook.

          If you start dreaming about whole wheat pasta and yarn, I accept the blame.
          • Re: Just curious...

            Yeah, the post was about posting for yourself and not an audience. How this isn't 1997 or something. I can't find it on my Friend's Page anywhere so someone seems to have deleted it and I thought I recognized the icon as one of yours, but I tell you I am so sleep deprived anything is possible.

            No dreams about whole wheat pasta and yarn.
            • Re: Just curious...

              Nope. Mine was how about I handled drama maturely. I can't remember the rest.

              *evil laughter* you will dream about whole wheat pasta... oh you will. muhahahaha
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