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Food: this means you!

Food: this means you!

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I want to make some baked potatoes
cabbage rolls wit tofu
a broth based noodle soup
a hearty tuber and tofu stew

I have:
a leek
chick peas
16 dried bean mix
and macaroni

what should go in what?  I'm mostly talking about the soup and stew, i figure cabbage goes in the cabbage rolls and potatoes go in the baked potatoes.
  • This is what I'd do:

    For the broth based noodle soup: onion, celery, carrots, a little bit of garlic, and macaroni. If you want to make it a little more hearty, add the chickpeas. If you have a vegetable bouillion cube, throw it in with the water to add some flavour. If you don't, add salt and pepper to taste, along with whatever dried herbs you have (dried basil? oregano? thyme?). If you have a dried bay leaf, throw that into the pot as well. I like a bit of spice in my soups, so I add some tobasco or cajun spice at the table before I eat it.

    For the tuber and tofu stew: leek, celery, carrot, a little bit of garlic, turnips, rutabaga, and tofu.

    Sounds like a nice winter menu. Good luck!
    • Thanks! Do you think I can add some chick peas to the tuber stew? Or bean mix?
      I'm really scared of making something gross by adding the wrong stuff together.
      • Yeah, adding chick peas to the tuber stew would probably work fine.

        I'd save the 16 dried bean mix for its own separate soup.
  • I don't know soups and stews *wry grin* (or cabbage rolls for that matter). I'm more used to Asian styles of cooking with a dash of Dutch.
    Looks like you've got lovely soup and stew mix.
    also chickpeas + garlic + lemon = yum.
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