geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Rant: Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control

I think it's pretty stupid.  I think it's an updated version of the rythym method.  It's supposed to be all better and different b/c instead of just going by the calendar and predicting from the past, it actively looks for signs of fertility.  Only problem is that under ideal circumstance sperm can live inside the uterus for up to 5 days, so theorectically a person could have sex before they were fertile, become fertile, and still active form could cause conception.  Also, people in general have problems with the daily pill, so I don't think a method that involves checking the texture of cervical mucus before sex, and through out the day, monitoring the position of the cervix and taking the basal temperature is winning the ease of use category here.  This type of mostly effective with care birth control would be great if a person didn't really care if they got pregnant or not but didn't really want another baby.  Maybe out on a farm a few generations ago when another baby meant another farm hand in the future.  These days, the point of birth control is that people do not want to get pregnant, not just put it off and still have sex.
So I think the fertility awareness method is great for trying to CONCIEVE, but I wouldn't bet on it for actual prevention of sex.
Also recommended on the natural living lj community is the withdrawl method.  !!! Theorectically, FAM and withdrawl COULD work, but in practice people in general are not attentive enough, and even with attention, all it takes is one sperm and one egg to get together.

Ironically, this pissant bitch at natual living is calling me a "fucking idiot" because I say that the FAM method is just a modern version of the rythym method; when at the catholic highschool my bf went to, they taught about monitoring fertility signs as part of the rythym method.  Of course the teacher who taught it and swore by it was ALWAYS pregnant and had at least 5 children at the time....  I think a better demonstration of birth control is having a few months at least of not being pregnant?

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