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Review: Cross Product

Review: Cross Product

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It was a good ride.  Reading time maybe 2 hours or less?  Nice lay out, good seperation into chapters.  It's a wacky sci-fi fantasy set in the best of places BC <3.  The narrating protagonist is an introverted hiking boot wearing programmer.  It had a few deep ideas, and left me wondering about the fictional universe it was set in.  Well it was set in a real place, real time, but i't s fiction so at some point it deviates from reality right?  I was wondering about THAT stuff.  Check it out if you are itching for some entertaiment or casual reading.
  • Incidently, the authour Matt Skala is a fairly good friend of mine. He was one of a handful of people that hung around Infinite Circle (the UW pagan club) after it was effectively dead.
    • I think i'd like him, since i was really impressed with the story. Did you read it?
      • Yeah, he's cool. He comes back to BC occasionally, you might catch him.

        I read cross product, yeah, a few years ago.

        He has *plenty* of other online writing, and a horrific webcomic. I like.
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