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A happy vibe post...

Elation, I a whirlling dervish flew up the ladder, bone rungs swaying as I cut through the air.  As my feet hit the deck my axe flashes out slicing clean through the dog-ish warrior, round and straight through another.  All this in a mere six seconds of hero machine action.  Up another floor I again kill a duo (with a godly rolling of 4 dice) in a divinely favoured half circle of battle axe.  Two floors cleared, the paladin's glory stolen by a mere nanosecond of reflexes. We'd cleared out half of the castle that was strapped to the back of a 100 ft tall lizard elephant like creature...

An amazing feat to sneak aboard, made either a touch easier, or merely possibly by our unique skills.  The only way up was in a basket lowered from a well guarded crane at the back.  There were 15 buildings in all, some of them mere huts, but others were multiple story towers.   Flying sentry in bat winged spirals was a rock hard gargoyle, backed up by knolls (the dog warriors) posted in clusters at every roof and platform.  A giant search light swept from the head of the beast, but there were curiously no fires.  Still, there were ballistas, canons, and vats of pitch ready for assault along every platform and railing..

How did we get up?  Did we cloak our rouge in spells of silence, invisibilty and spider climb, sending him up the beasts side to lower the basket for us?  Did we all potion up and run up together, popping out of invisibilty with our first surprise blows?  No... it 'twas far more comical than that!

Our psion could levitate himself and two others.  That left me, and the rouge.  Levitation is good for up and down, but unless the caster can pull themselves along something, they are screwed for lateral movement.  Luckily, I can fly... So first I dragged the levitated crew over to 200' above ourtarget entry point- the lone hut above the head. Next I flew the rouge over to the crane, we chugged invisibilty potions, and he sabotaged the knoll's source of reinforcements.  Then it was back to rendevous with our descending party.  Basically our entrance depended on us hugging together like some odd cross between a train and a blimp....


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