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I deserve to be healthy.
If you think that I should come second because I am a girl, if you think I should sacrifice myself for the happiness of others, if you think I should not look out for my own health, if you think I do not deserve to be healthy, if you think I am a crass bitch b/c I will fight for my survival with everything I have.... please tell me, so I can unfriend you.  Oh and FUCK OFF!  Have a horrible day... buy bye.
  • Holy shit, girl! Who would ever say that to you?? I will KICK THEIR ASS!!!!
    • No one actually did, though they did call me crass. I'm just making myself crystal clear.
      My health is my priority, everything else second.

      I'm having a rough move :(

      Hugs for you and your kin btw.
  • Uh... Something on your mind?
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