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What can you do if you are feeling suicidal?

The beginning of the way out is to let someone else in. This is very hard to do because, if you feel so desperate that suicide seems to be the only solution, you are likely very frightened and ashamed. There is no reason to be ashamed of feeling suicidal and no reason to feel ashamed for seeking help. You are not alone; many people have felt suicidal when facing difficult times and have survived, usually returning to quite normal lives.

Take the risk of telling your feelings to someone you know and trust:

a relative, friend, social service worker, or a member of the clergy for your religion. There are many ways to cope and get support. The sense of desperation and the wish to die will not go away at once, but it will pass. Regaining your will to live is more important than anything else at the moment.

Some things that you can do are:

  • call a crisis telephone support line,
  • draw on the support of family and friends,
  • talk to your family doctor; he/she can refer you to services in the community, including counselling and hospital services,
  • set up frequent appointments with a mental health professional, and request telephone support between appointments, · get involved in self-help groups,
  • talk every day to at least one person you trust about how you are feeling,
  • think about seeking help from the emergency department of a local hospital,
  • talk to someone who has 'been there" about what it was like and how he/she coped,
  • avoid making major decisions which you may later regret.

Do you need more help?

If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal and you need more information about resources in your area, contact a community organization, such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, which can help you find additional support.



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