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Baby Heinz

Today I went in to look at the fuzzies.  (Unweaned baby mice that have grown hair, second size class of food mouse.)
They were way too big for Heinz, kahobi  said they looked more like hoppers (weaned baby mice, third size class of food mice.)
So I asked for the ten biggest pinkies (hairless, eyes still closed, unweaned baby mice, first size class.)

I have been having the feeling that Heinz might need to eat more, so today, for the first time ever, he ate three pinkies!  He looked so happy, and I think he burped after!  When I get a job, I might store them in a fancy thermos.  Instead they are in a plastic bag, in a bubble tea cup with ice on the bottom, and the cup is labelled "baby mice!".  (Following household anomolous materials protocol.)

I can't afford the super reptile wood chips, so I got him some hamster bedding.  Still aspen chips, but instead of being long and shinny, these chips are more like flat squares.  I guess it's like the difference between spaghetti and macaroni... not too different.  However, the skinnier wood chips emulate his natural habitat better than square chips, because they are found in corn fields (hence the name corn snake.)

No one uses straw as substrate, but I wonder if I can mix some in just to make things more "natural". 
Another "natural" touch is to serve the mice slighly warm to the touch rather than room temperatre, or slightly cool to the touch.  Because live mice would be warm.

He is getting closer to shed.  I can see the slight increase in waxiness on his head plates, and his scales are that touch more dull.  He looks a little bit bigger too.  His head is now a bit bigger than my pinky finger, while when I first got him, his head was smaller than my pinky fingernail.

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