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Weird Discussion, things you try to like.

Weird Discussion, things you try to like.

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I have a little list of things I'd love to say I like and enjoy, but everytime I try it, it just doesn't work. What's yours? A little get to know you thread... ^_^

Oatmeal** I care about this one.
Soy Milk Haven't tried too hard, but know it would be a challenge.
Brussel Sprouts - some success.
Christianity - most effort, least success.
Organic Chem - some success, mega effort.
Beer - haven't tried nor really care.
  • hmm

    I can't think of anything...maybe marzipan but eh that's maybe more 'cause of pressure from family. If I don't like something, I don't like it. Sometimes I bet I've tried to like something because I wanted to know more about it or say I did it or something.
    For soy milk, the brand can make a big difference, from my experience. I like Silk. The strawberry is so yummy, if you like strawberry milk. Plain I use for stuff but it took me a bit of time to like it on its own...If you don't like it, don't have it. You don't have to and you can still have soy other ways, not just the milk if you want it for health reasons.
    I don't like collard greens or black eyed peas. I've tried them and yuck.
    I didn't use to like hummus but as I got older, I tried it again and did. Taste changes.
    I guess you could say I have mixed feelings about music theory. That kind of could go on a list...and maybe music lessons a little as well...and medical stuff...
    ha long response and possibly more than you wanted but I have a question, do you want to try emailing each other instead of just commenting back and forth on live journal?
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