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A Public Shout Out

A Public Shout Out

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A big, non-friend-locked thank you to [info]bulrog for pointing out a perfect job opening at a company I really do want to work for, that I am perfectly qualified for.  Furthermore this company is in town, and thus does not require relocation.  I have applied!

Thankyous to lupagreenwolf ,kahobi, winterlion and cloven_fruit for extra support.

  • I'm really happy I could help:)

    Good luck:)
  • *yay!*

    (and glad I could help)
  • w00t!

    Perfect job for the W1N!!!
  • Sorry I couldn't get back to you in time.

    I have been on the road for three days. Tried emailing you.

    Good for you and your friends who helped you out.
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