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Why I'll miss him the most.

Why I'll miss him the most.

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I'm changing my default to Baby Heinz.  I'll miss him the most because he is growing so fast.  He just had a growth spurt.  So his neck is 2-3 times longer than when I got him, he is twice as thick, his head is a bit bigger, he's eating mice three times the size of what I started him on, and he is just overall bigger.  He is really healthy with vibrant silky soft scales that GLEAM.   He's very calming, and somewhat snuggly.  Sometimes I hold him to my cheek, like I used to with the hamsters.

Still, I am so lucky that I have kahobi to take care of him while I'm gone.  <3

  • I'm going to have to take you off my friends list, as I can't deal with snakes, even in photos. Wishing you well with your move, may be it be everything you want from it, and more.
  • I'm happy to take care of him. I'll make sure I take pictures regularly for you:)
  • *hugs*
    oh he's such a gorgeous critter!

    and yep - yay! :)
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