geek_dragon (geek_dragon) wrote,

Home is where the wards are.

So the weekend scared me.  But my coworker and her husband swear that the guys I live with are harmless and nice.

I warded my room
.  I put up my altar, which has a rose quartz ball from kailee, a green calcite ball from winterlion, my travel altar, an led candle from kyle, dice and a silver ankh pendant from kahobi the shield bracelet from jeffrey, my jewelery, the gaurdian bobble head from kahobi, and two prints by nemo.

The prints by nemo represent where I am now.  The cross roads is about journeys, rebirth, becoming, sort of desicions, travel, and development all rolled into one.  I make choices in hopes of aligning up with my vision of who I want to be, and how I want o interact with the world.

The hand of fatima is a ward in it's own right.  It deflects bad stuffand protects.

I added my bills to e-post.  I ordered a new phone to use up my fido dollars.  I'm now ready to switch to rogers.

My fridge has food.  I'm wrapped in warm lusious wine coloured fleece.

Life is good.


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