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Head spin! And from the Heart.

Head spin! And from the Heart.

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I'm thinking of all my friends right now.  I want to keep up with you.  I'm having enough trouble with work, eating, sleeping and exercise. 
My head is spinning too much to even absorb anything deep from your journals.

I spent last night dyeing wool, this morning I carded it, and started working on a tea-towel for my mom.  I AM WEAVING ON A FUCKING FLOOR LOOM, BOO-YAH!  It's prewarped, a maze of white cotton, and foot pedals.  Basically I press a foot pedal, that raises 2 of the 4 bars, and I move a beam back and forth then shoot a boat shaped shuttle with cotton through the gap between the warp threads.

I'm just using the free stuff that is there.  I wanted to use pink b/c my mom loves pink, but the pink had some stains on it, so I went with the lemon yellow.  I might add some blue.  There is a lot of space between the threads but cotton shrinks, so hopefully my tea-towel won't be mesh.

Yeah leaning curve: car maintance, dyeing, spinning, weaving, carding, my job, the town, new climate, I'm constantly learning.  Even with my job, 4 months in, and there is so much to learn: who the clients are, how to do stuff, where to go for info.
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    • it's not mine, it's the guilds. we have three looms at a studio in the stinky industry part of town in the same building as the potters. i love being up here in the farming homesteader part of BC.

      • And you can have it all... Having spent 20+ years of my life up there, I never want to live up there again... That said, however, I'll gladly come back for short visits (under 2 weeks is long enough) to see family and friends... I wish you better luck up there than I *EVER* had...
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