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Sex and Gender

Sex and Gender

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Sexually, I identify as a straight female.  Gender... I just don't get.  Gender feels like something other people do to me, using it as a way to prejudge me, twist what I say, or justify miscomunication.  Gender is just a social construct that I feel like i want to shake off so I can be me.
I think gender hurts both genders... pressure on men to be tough, pressure on women to be selfless and serving, pressure on both to look, talk act in certain ways that may have a small root in natural differences, but for the most art are artificially amplified by culture.

  • I guess I just don't feel pressured to act a certain way!

    Hmm...maybe that's why I don't fit in with anybody!
  • I agree. Everything you just said - personal feelings as well as more abstract thoughts - is why I identify as third-gender.
  • This is why I rebel against traditional gender roles--let people be wherever they're comfortable at any given moment.
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