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I saw a coyote today.

I saw a coyote today.

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Driving to Taylor to pick up the weekly samples from the gas plant.  It burst from the long golden grass of the field, left across the highway in front of me, onto the dirt field.  It's fur seemed to ripple in the breeze, and was complete camoflauge  for dead grass and brown dust.  It even seemed to gain speed once across the highway, clouds of dust rising with every footfall.

The coyotes up here are bigger and more gold coloured than the ones in van, but the light is more gold up here too.

Such focused wild movement.

I also see the occassional deer, like one yesterday in the ditch on the way to pick up the auditor from the airport.
  • Hail Coyote!!!!!!!!
  • Coyotes are quite awesome, I once encountered one on campus! And on a similar note, I saw a bear and a moose while driving home from Vancouver this weekend (or, while being a passenger on the way home!).
    • When I was naive I saw one just walking around campus around the crowds. I was all "look at the cute doggie!", and my friend corrected me. I thought it was just a really healthy beautiful mutt, I didn't think a coyote would be so calm and bold around people. Every so often we'd get told not to walk alone when they were more active, Andrew and I once escorted a girl down the street because there was a coyote walking slowly behind her...

      I also saw them a few times darting across to the park driving along sw marine drive.
  • Sweeeet...
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