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Another one bites the dust!

I failed my "use stapler check" again, must have rolled a 3. But another 11 pages of lab is done, and this is the one due today, so it's actually worth marks still :)
Another small victory, a small happy dance. I'm so glad i have andrew, he knows about the radiation stuff, it would have taken me hours to figure out on my own. I'm still puzzled as how scintillation crystal works. Andrew also gave me a back rub last night, which was almost necesssary since my back froze into twitching spasms of pain (again), somehow, I don't think this is normal :/

I'm going to order a copy of a cool new magazine, Konton. It will be expensive (~$15), but it's sort of what I've been asking the world for in terms of information. Excitement is like hope.

I think of Konton as sort of a "primary source" for magic, it's the leading edge experimentation stuff. Moreon that later perhaps. Perhaps I should friend lock this post b/c reffering to "leading edge" and magic, in the same sentence... it's a bit out there from the norm ne?

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