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Treats: Art

Treats: Art

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Then playing around:

  • I like these because I see a bunch of different ideas in them. Also I was getting itchy to produce something but don't have the time to sit still long enough to paint. The last one is a back ground that was a bit too dark for my CLUTTERed desktop. LOL.

    I'm interested in what you guys see :) (I made them yesterday while de-toxing after my mom's visit)
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the last one...something about the background :)
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    • Re: I like the center

      LOL, rolling on the floor laughing. Run! It's the UFO/dragon/alien/monster.... no, it's BARNEY ahhh!
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        • Re: I like the center

          I'm so jealous! I couldn't find anyone who got that channel... *sob*
          How was it?


          Valen Oz
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